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How to get degree faster, cheaper and free?

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CLEP stand for College level exam preparation. Most colleges accept up to 32 credit hours from CLEP exam.

How CLEP exam works?

CLEP exam score can be counted toward college or university credit hours.


When college offer history 101 for accepted CLEP credits, then student can register for exam study the history book and take an exam and send the results to college. Based on accepted passing score student will receive 3 credit hours.

  • Some CLEP exam can be up to 12 credit hour
  • CLEP exam cost is around $80
  • It will save lot of time and money for student
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AP classes and Exam:

Advance placement classes are offered at high school and based on those classes student can earn college credits in high school as well. AP exam also counted toward college as well.
For more information kindly follow the link

Competency-Based Education Network:

Competency-based education (CBE) is a flexible way for students to get credit for what they know, build on their knowledge and skills by learning more at their own pace, and earn high-quality degrees, Certificates, and other credentials that help them in their lives and careers.

One Example how universities are offering

Cheapest Virtual university (Accredited) :

Virtual university is Pakistan based accredited university. It is accredited from board of education of Pakistan and also most US University accept degree to get admissions into bachelors and masters. Students from anywhere in the world can take bachelors and masters degrees.

Total cost of MBA or Masters degree do not exceed $1000 limit (less then thousand dollar)
Please find the fee page

Free Colleges in Europe:

Some colleges in Europe offer free college education please find the lists.

  1. University of Helsinki
  2. Henken school of Economics
  3. Aalto University
  4. University of Oulu
  5. University of Lapland
  6. University of Tampere
  7. University of Turku
  8. University of Vaasa

University of Helsinki (Link where it state no FEE)

Tuition free universities in Germany

  1. University of Stuttgart
  2. University of Berlin
  3. University of Rostock
  4. University of Bremen
  5. University of Augsburg
  6. University of Bamberg
  7. University of Bayreuth
  8. University of Bielefeld
  9. University of Bonn
  10. University of Bremen
  11. University of Dortmund
  12. University of Erfurt
  13. University of Erlangen-Nurnberg
  14. University of Essen
  15. University of Flensburg
  16. University of Gottingen
  17. University of Hamburg
  18. University of Hannover
  19. University of Kassel
  20. University of Koln
  21. University of Konstanz
  22. University of Leipzig
  23. University of Rostock
  24. University of Stuttgart
  25. University of Marburg
  26. University of Oldenburg

Tuition free universities in Norway

  1. Norwegian University of Life Sciences
  2. Norwegian University of Science and Technology
  3. University of Agder
  4. University of Bergen
  5. University of Nordland
  6. University of Oslo
  7. University of Stavanger
  8. BI – Norwegian Business School
  9. Molde University College
  10. Norwegian School of Sport Sciences
  11. Hedmark University College
  12. Harstad University College
  13. Bergen University College

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